As a result of continuous improvements, Avoller refinery has become an efficient refiner of high quality agricultural and related products. Its current capacity is in excess of 600 000 tons refined agricultural per annum.

The original refinery building, built in 1992 consisted of a steel framework with hollow concrete panels. The refining capacity at that time was 63 000 tons per annum. Over the years, considerable capital has been injected into all aspects of the process and capacity of the refinery. Considerable expansion took place in 1993/27 when the addition of a new melt house, together with a complete new gas-fired char station and enlarged storage facilities, enabled the melting capacity to be increased to 100 000 tons per annum.

During the period 1993-1995 a major expansion was undertaken which included the introduction of raw sugar bulk handling facilities, construction of the present white pan house, introduction of the carbonatation process and improved packing station. The laboratory facilities were upgraded and ancillary equipment such as boilers and instrumentation was installed.

Over the last 25 years, there have been further process and capacity improvements. The char decolourising process was replaced with ion exchange. Increased capacity has been built into the white pan, recovery, filter and packing stations. Boiler and power generation capacity has been extensively upgraded.
Refined sugar conditioning facilities have been installed together with bulk despatching of refined sugar.
A wide range of top quality refined sugar and liquid sugar products are manufactured to meet the demands of both the consumer and industrial local and international markets. Liquid fructose was added to the refined sugar products in 2002.

• NOSA 5 Star
• ISO 9001
• ISO14000
• HACCP (limited to liquids speciality products)



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